We’ve taken quick release to a whole new quick. The QR 15 HexLock (available on Marvel, Minute, and Mattoc models) super quick-release thru-axle is made for anyone who’s ever raged while trying to hurriedly change out a wheel.

A quick quarter turn is all it takes to loosen and tighten the axle. And once the wheel is back in place, the hexagonal-shaped ends fit easily and snuggly into corresponding hexagonal thru-holes. The result is a more precise ride with improved stiffness and steering.



Despite what popular culture says, thick in the middle can be a beautiful thing.

A thin mid-section is fine for supermodels and distance runners. But if you’re serious about off-road riding, you know that the middle of the bar is where you want your fat. That’s because most of the stress is centered there.So we make the Answer® ProTaper® bars thickest at the clamp. Then it thins out as you move down the bar. The result is the ultimate combination of strength,light weight and stiffness. Take that, Vogue.


As close to genetic engineering as metal and goop will allow.

Mating tubeless technology with a high performance wheelset has always been a bit of a challenge. But the union of Stan’s Notubes® BST Technology and SUNringle® wheel manufacturing expertise is a match for the ages.

Our rim design features an inner curve that’s the same size and shape as the tire bead.This results in a tighter seal and reduces strain on the beads as well as the possibility of burping. You can run lower pressure, experience less rolling resistance and get better traction.

You couldn’t draw it up any better.


Perfectly adjusted Calipers in under a minute. You can’t even adjust your attitude that fast.

The new Crosshair disc brake adjustment system is perfect for those who tend to get a little bent out of shape with disobedient calipers. Our engineers have developed technology that allows you to very quickly and very accurately align your calipers. No more futzing with double washers.Spend a few seconds dialing them in and they’re locked. You don’t even have time to get mad.

Reverse Arch

Manitou suspension forks feature our patented Reverse Arch design.  This not only sets us apart from the rest, but also incorporates several unique advantages: seal protection, ideal brake house routing, and more compact and efficient use of material.